Rocky Bansin

Rocky Bansin

Our Leaseback Program May Be Perfect for You

What is a Leaseback?

A Leaseback is an agreement between the seller and buyer that allows the seller to stay in their home after selling, by entering a lease agreement with the buyer.

When Does a Leaseback Agreement Make Sense?

  • Facing Foreclosure

  • Fixed Income

  • Cash Flow Issues

  • Searching for New Home

  • Lump Sum Payment

Top Five Reasons to Enter a Leaseback Agreement

Facing Foreclosure – Those letters from your lender can be scary. You’re doing your best, but it’s not working. A leaseback alleviates you of your obligation and your rent will be based on current market value. We can often work in a few months of free rent into the leaseback agreement, allowing you to get back on your feet.

Fixed Income – Leaseback agreements are perfect for those on a fixed income, who don’t want the burden of repairing everything that breaks. It also alleviates them of tax burdens and significantly reduces insurance requirements and costs. The result is a predictable monthly cost for housing, vs the ups and downs of ownership.

Cash Flow Issue – Cash flow issues can be the result one of any number of situations: medical issues, accidents, divorce, judgments, & credit card debt, to name a few. No matter your cash flow problem, a leaseback sale may be just the solution to your problem. Leasebacks put cash in the sellers pocket, allowing them to deal with outstanding debts or commitments.

Searching for New Home – If you’re looking to relocate, but haven’t found the perfect home yet, a leaseback can free up obligations on your current home, allowing you to quickly close on your new home when you find it. It can be very frustrating to find your perfect home, only to have your offer rejected because it is contingent on selling your existing home.

Lump Sum Payout – Maybe you want to travel and see the world, a leaseback can put cash in your pocket so you can pursue your bucket list. Or maybe you’ve found the perfect investment and need to free up some cash to make it happen. Maybe college tuition is due, or a first car for your teenager or grandson. It doesn’t matter why you need a lump sum cash payment, a leaseback can address all of these issues.



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Just Listen to What Our Raving Fans are Saying

My ex destroyed our place after he was served divorce papers. I got the house, but there was no way I could pay to fix it, and the insurance company wasn't helping either. Luckily I found Rocky and was able to get a fair offer for the house. Most importantly, it freed me up to move on with my life.
Fiona Ledner
Fiona Ledner
11:10 04 Apr 18
I had an offer from We Buy Ugly Houses but decided to get a second option. This company had a better offer and they even helped with arranging the move! 5 stars
Joseph Martin
Joseph Martin
02:21 03 Apr 18
I thought my house would never sell. I was happy to be proven wrong. Pain free home sale and fast too!
Carlos Graham
Carlos Graham
08:47 08 Apr 18
I thought these cash offer companies were a scam. But after my sister and I inherited a house from her hoarder father, she insisted we call. I was embarrassed about the mess left behind, but they made it so easy. They bought the house, mess and all. We got a cash offer and we were able to focus on the funeral arrangements instead of stressing over how to clean up the mess so we could sell the house.
Bart Gerace
Bart Gerace
15:54 06 Apr 18
After my husband passed, I needed to cash out the equity in our home, but it needed so many repairs. Las Vegas Cash for Homes saved the day with a great cash offer and fast close.
Teresa Morrill
Teresa Morrill
16:22 01 Apr 18
Rocky was amazing. He helped us get out of our home get the cash I needed for medical bills.
Eric Kent
Eric Kent
05:58 30 Mar 18
I had a horrible tenant that destroyed one of my rental properties. I didn't have the cash to fix it, but Las Vegas Cash for Homes was able to work with me to get out of the property and move on to another investment.
Miley Engle
Miley Engle
13:21 09 Apr 18
Jay Herrera
Jay Herrera
00:32 09 May 19

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Working with Rocky was amazing. He found a very creative way to help me with my medical bills and I know I'll keep my home.

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Our cash crunch was solved in no time with just a call. 5 stars!

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We needed to cash out our home in a hurry. Rocky made the process so easy and his Spanish is amazing!

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